Persistence of Vision (LED GLOBE)


• It is some kind of eye cheating. If some one can
go faster than light people can’t see it. like that
rotation speed and delay will create a LED
• It simple design easy to understand any one….

• 1 – 16F877A
• 32 – Blue color LED
• 32 – 330 ohms resistors
• 1 – 10k ohms resistor
• 2 – 22pf capacitor
• 2 – 104pf capacitor
• 2 – 47uf capacitor
• 1 – 20Mhz crystal
• 1 – Push button
• 1 – LM7805
• Connecting wire &
• Lead wire
You can easily find these components

• It can use 16F877A microcontroller or any other


How to give power to it…
• It can use LM7805 voltage regulator to give a
power to this circuit.
• It gives exact 5v to the circuit.
• To smooth that voltage, can use 104pf and 47f
capacitors. Then it gives a smooth exact 5v to the


• Here used Blue color Light emitted diode (LED).
• As you wish you can use any color of LED.
• If you like you can use RGB led it will be amazing.

Circuit designing
• You can use PCB wizard Proteus or any kind of PCB.
drawing software to design a circuit.


• It was used Pic C compiler to code or you can use
any other compiler.
• 1 st you have to create a sketch of world map and
have to divide it into columns and rows. In here it
used 32 rows and 60 columns.
• Then it have to enter to excel sheet it is easy to
further coding.

• After finishing all coding part It
should have upload code to the
Microcontroller there for we have to
use pic kit 2 programmer to program
• After finishing coding and hardware
part you have to fix it properly and
give 6-15 voltage to work it properly.